Magic Pak and Sky Pak units are installed in multi story apartment buildings and town homes. The units can be hard to access and service because of their placement, usually hidden behind book cases or the back wall of closets. 

Just the same as split units found in single family homes, these package units need regular maintenance and cleaning.

Some common problems with Magic and Sky Pak's are: clogged evaporator and condenser coils, grounded inducer motor, blower fan motor winding failure, Fen-well gas igniter faulty and cracked heat ex-changers

Another common problem with these units are with the supply and particularly the return duct for these units. If let unchecked, not sealed from the outdoor climate and out right neglected package units can cause very bad IAQ Indoor Air Quality issues for all those living in the air stream associated with these units. A few issues are mold growing in return duct work creeping into the air supply duct, drywall dust that was never cleaned from the day the return was made, algae growing in the condensate\drain from dirty evaporator pans

Following pictures will be of cracked heat ex-changers  

cracked package unit heat exchanger
rusted and rackedheat exchanger
cracked package unit heat xchangers
replaceing crank and rustedheat exchangers
common aged and cracked heat exchanger
Magic Pak package unit heat exchanger reolacement