Enjoy the Summer Months with AC Repair Near Me

While it isn't always hot and steamy in the Madison, WI region, when summer comes, you need your air conditioning to work! Gold Star HVACR is your neighborhood ac repair company for commercial and residential customers. Whether it seems like your old unit isn't as cold as it used to be or one of your zones is pumping out heat instead of cool air, we are equipped and licensed to get it working before you have time to really feel the heat.

Troubleshoot Your HVAC System with Air Conditioning Repair by the Pros

Many homes in our area use the same ducting to circulate both heat and ac. With these combined systems, you need an expert to troubleshoot the problem. Located just around the corner, we are the ac repair near me ready to run to your rescue. It may be as simple as sealing up leaking ducts or changing out an old condenser coil. Instead of hesitating because you fear the final bill, give us a call and give your family the chance to escape the heat this summer. We are often able to do an ac repair for far less than expected.

Escape High Humidity with AC Repair

It isn't just the temperatures in the 90s that make us grumpy in the summer. High humidity can turn sultry nights into endless hours stuck to your couch or mattress. A properly functioning air conditioning unit not only cools down the temperature, it removes the excess humidity from your home. If you are still sweltering, even though the AC is cranking away, it's time to have us check it out for a fast air conditioning repair. You may only have a failed circulating fan that can be switched out in just an hour.

Providing a More Comfortable Home for Your Family and Friends

We also install new air conditioning systems for homes and businesses. We can even bring AC into your older home, especially if you are doing a major remodel. Why suffer through another summer of hazy, hot, and humid nights? If your warehouse just isn't able to keep up with the cooling demand, it's time to do an energy audit. We can install new high-efficiency cooling units and perform weatherization so you can take full advantage of your AC.

Gold Star HVACR is available five days a week for routine service calls. If you have an emergency, our answering service is available at all hours of the day and night. Ask us about seasonal preventative maintenance service for your heating, cooling, refrigeration systems, too.